Gambling Counselling

With the growth of technology, access and ease of gambling has grown rapidly, particularly through smartphone apps.

Whereas recreational gamblers gamble knowing that they will most likely lose and only bet what they’re willing to lose; those with problem gambling often experience several problematic beliefs that contribute to their gambling patterns.

gambling addiction

For example, the ‘gambler’s fallacy’ is a belief that a win is due following a series of losses; or that losses can be recuperated by chasing a ‘big win’. These beliefs, coupled with the addictive nature of gambling can result in significant problems in people’s lives.

Gambling addictions can have a significant impact on an individual’s social relationships and performance at work, along with financial problems as core expenses cannot be met due to funds being spent on gambling.

The team of experienced Brisbane psychologists at Bowen Hills Psychology can help individuals identify their gambling difficulties, understand how and why the habit has grown out of control, support individuals to repair relationships that may have been impacted, as well as equipping them with tools to avoid falling back into the same habits.

Individuals who are impacted by a gambling addiction often find reaching out and getting help the hardest step. The team at Bowen Hills Psychology provide a safe and confidential space to talk through and address the issues you may be facing.

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Our aim at Bowen Hills Psychology is to provide the impacted individual with a safe and non-judgemental therapy space, so that they can feel comfortable opening up about their experiences and the impact on others. To see if we’re the right fit for you, book a consultation now on on (07) 3252 7114 or email