Depression Counselling

Depression is a common mental health difficulty that can often arise out of life stressors and loss, such as relationship breakdown or loss of employment.

depression counselling

There are different types of depression; and symptoms can be found in people regardless of income, social status or personal circumstances. The experienced team of Brisbane psychologists at Bowen Hills Psychology are trained to identify these variations of depression and provide the appropriate intervention to treat it.

Depression is not a character flaw or weakness, or something to be ashamed of. Seeing a counsellor to combat depression is a brave step towards positive change.

Depression is not something that people simply “snap out of” or “get over”. Change requires a supportive environment to work through difficulties, along with acquiring the skills and strategies to change thinking patterns, emotional responses and behaviour that can be contributing towards depression.

Symptoms Of Depression

Some of the symptoms include:

  • Always feeling tired or low energy
  • Feeling ‘blue’, sad, or flat
  • Withdrawing from interests/hobbies
  • Withdrawing from social gatherings or events
  • Feeling aimless, or like there’s no point to anything
  • Difficulties concentrating or problems with memory
  • Changes to appetite or weight
  • Sleeping too much or not enough

Often, a lot of people can experience depression despite no immediately obvious cause or trigger, particularly in chronic depression or dysthymia.

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At Bowen Hills Psychology, we aim to provide a safe and understanding environment, to help clients identify how their depression has developed, and provide tools and methods to combat it.

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