Dyslexia Assessment (and/or other specific learning differences)

People learn new skills in different ways. Some people have more trouble learning than their peers because of a brain-based difficulty they have in acquiring literacy (reading and writing) and/or numeracy skills. These learning differences become more apparent in the classroom as children progress through primary school, but sometimes go unnoticed until high school or even tertiary studies.

dyslexia assessment

Once these learning differences are identified, strategies can be implemented to help the person achieve academically and vocationally. Bowen Hills Psychology offers diagnostic assessment in Specific Learning Disorders (such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dyscalculia).

Why Choose Bowen Hills Psychology?

Bowen Hills Psychology offers psychoeducational assessments for children, adolescents and adults. Our assessment process involves an intake interview, behavioural observations, parent or self-report questionnaires, a review of work samples or school reports, and a clinical assessment (WISC-V and WIAT-III). We also offer behavioural observations outside the clinic (home or school) where necessary. We provide you with a comprehensive report including recommendations for learning in the classroom and strategies for home. Our assessments can help determine whether an individual meets the diagnostic criteria for a Specific Learning Disorder, but more importantly to identify their strengths and how to capitalise on these; and investigate whether their behaviours are better explained by another issue.

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