Autism Assessment

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a life-long neurodevelopmental disorder that impacts an individual’s social-communication and interaction skills.

autism assessment

They may also display repetitive, restricted patterns of behaviour, interests of activities and/or sensory sensitivities. The severity of symptoms varies among individuals and thus so does the level of support needed (for example at home, school or in the community).

The term “spectrum” is often used to emphasise that autism affects people differently with a range of different challenges and levels of severity varying from person to person.

Autism may become evident when a child is struggling to develop basic social skills, lack of eye contact or non-verbal indicators as well as restrictive and repetitive behaviour such as aggression, obsession/fixation on a particular toy or interest, excessive adherence to routine and hyper-sensitivity to sounds, pain or textures.

Due to the range in severity, symptoms of autism can be subtle and not immediately recognised until a child starts school or starts moving into adulthood.

Early intervention is key to help individuals with ASD get the right support, so it’s important to seek an assessment if ASD is suspected.

Why Choose Us 

Bowen Hill Psychology has extensive experience in conducting psychological assessments to investigate the presence of ASD symptoms in children, adolescents and adults.

We are approachable, child-friendly and use gold-standard assessment processes, including an intake interview, behavioural observations, parent/caregiver questionnaires and a clinical assessment (ADOS-2).

We also offer behavioural observations outside the clinic (home, school). We provide you with a comprehensive report including recommendations for all settings.

Our assessments can help determine whether an individual meets the diagnostic criteria for ASD, identify their strengths and how to capitalise on these, and also investigate whether symptoms are better explained by another issue.

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If you are interested in an ASD assessment for you or your child, speak to one of our experienced psychologists at Bowen Hills Psychology on (07) 3252 7114 or email