Autism Assessment

Autism is a life-long neurodevelopmental brain style that impacts the way a person views and interacts with the world around them. These brain style differences can present in varying ways including in the areas of social, speech and communicative, attentional and organisational, emotional, sensory and/or motor skills.

autism assessment

The magnitude of these differences vary among each individual and thus so does the level of support needed. Some people do not recognise these brain style differences until well into adulthood. 

Autism may become evident when a child is interacting with their peers differently, playing to the side of their peers rather than engaging with them in play, displaying nonverbal differences such as reduced eye contact or facial expressions, difficulties explaining emotions, definite passions and interests, engaging in repetitive or soothing behaviours, and sensory sensitivities.

In adulthood, Autism may be assessed when adults report a number of specific patterns, including: a history of effortful social camouflaging; struggling to “fit in” and connect with their peers and now colleagues; the need to hide or “mask” certain behaviours; passions that have turned in to careers; hyperfocus on things they enjoy; a preference for routine and consistency; difficulties planning and organising; experiencing sensory overload and comorbid mental health conditions; and difficulties navigating some relationships.

Early identification of Autism, along with self-acceptance and the acceptance from others, can help a person develop a greater sense of their identity (who they are and what support and understanding they need from the world) and can prevent the co-occurrence of mental health conditions.

Why Choose Us 

The team at Bowen Hill Psychology has extensive experience in conducting psychological assessments to investigate Autism brain style differences in children, adolescents and adults.

We are approachable, child-friendly and use gold-standard assessment processes, including an intake interview, behavioural observations, parent/caregiver questionnaires and a clinical assessment (ADOS-2, MIGDAS-2).

We can also offer behavioural observations outside the clinic (home, school). We provide you with a comprehensive report including recommendations for all settings.

Our assessments can help determine whether an individual meets the diagnostic criteria for Autism, identify their strengths and how to capitalise on these, and also investigate whether difficulties are better explained by another issue.

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