ADHD Assessment

Bowen Hills Psychology provides ADHD assessments for children, adolescents and adults who may be experiencing differences in their executive functioning skills, such as attention and concentration, task initiation and completion, planning and organisation skills, working memory, impulsivity, emotion regulation and hyperactivity.

adhd assessment

Our psychologists can help determine whether an individual meets the diagnostic criteria for ADHD, understand, appreciate and capitalise on their strengths, and also investigate whether symptoms may be better explained by another presentation, such as anxiety, depression, stress or another neurodevelopmental difference such as Autism. 

What The Assessment Involves 

The assessment process involves an intake interview, behavioural observations, completion of various questionnaires about ADHD and direct testing of cognition, memory and/or executive functioning.

Generally, due to the nature of the persons’ differences in attention, testing is completed over a few sessions to avoid distraction and fatigue and see their best performance.

We can also offer behavioural observations outside the clinic if this is needed (e.g. home or school). After testing, we provide you with a comprehensive report including recommendations for different settings.

Managing ADHD

Your report will include several recommendations for understanding ADHD, managing these differences, which may include support and referral options, psychological strategies, psychiatric or paediatric review for medication, and adjustments to school or employment to support learning and performance.

The psychologists at Bowen Hills Psychology are trained and experienced in helping individuals understand, accept and manage the severity of their ADHD differences.

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If you would like to have an individual assessed to see whether they display symptoms of ADHD and/or seek treatment to help manage that individual’s ADHD, get in touch with Bowen Hills Psychology on (07) 3252 7114 or email