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  • Personality Disorder Therapy Brisbane

  • For those suffering with personality disorders, the psychologists at Bowen Hills Psychology offer evidence based approaches to treatment, including DBT, psychodynamic psychotherapy and schema therapy.

    Individuals with personality disorders may have significant problems with emotion regulation and with interpersonal relationships. For the individual with a personality disorder, it can feel like the same patterns keep playing out in their lives, and they may receive similar feedback about their behaviour from those closest to them.

    There are a number of different factors which may contribute to the development of a personality, ranging from personality traits inherited down through genetics, making one more vulnerable to the development of the disorder; to the individual’s environment, with surroundings, specific events or relationships that can trigger the development of the disorder.

    Personality disorders are known to cause significant disruption to the lives of not only the affected individual, but those around that person, too with personal and professional relationships and productivity being impacted. As a result, individuals with personality disorders who go unsupported can often find themselves socially isolated.

    The team of Brisbane psychologists at Bowen Hills Psychology are highly trained to effectively diagnose personality disorders along with devising a strategy and tools to help individuals manage and shift problematic interpersonal patterns.

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