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  • Anxiety Counselling Brisbane

  • Anxiety is a normal human emotion which helps keep us safe. However, when anxiety is experienced too frequently or out of proportion compared to the events that are taking place, anxiety can become a disorder. Anxiety disorders significantly interfere with the way we function both in our personal and work lives. 

    The skilled Brisbane anxiety counsellors at Bowen Hills Psychology, are able to provide tools and techniques for treating anxiety and phobias effectively.

    Whilst anxiety is a natural emotion which encourages us to meet deadlines at work, study for exams or to set our body’s alarms off when we sense potentially dangerous situations; anxiety becomes problematic when these body alarms are going off in situations where there is no danger and/or situations that would not typically be deemed as high-pressure/stressful.

    Our aim at Bowen Hills Psychology is to help an individual identify unhelpful thinking patterns and to make changes to their way they think or feel through a situation in order to help reduce anxiety and panic attacks.

    Symptoms of anxiety can impact an individual physically, behaviourally and mentally. Some of the signs include:

    • Trouble breathing, tight chest
    • Restlessness or agitation
    • Sweating, dizziness or fainting
    • Hypervigilance (being on the alert for danger)
    • Irritability
    • Racing thoughts/ Unwanted thoughts

    You can seek help for issues related to anxiety to improve your quality of life. 


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    It is important to Bowen Hills Psychology that you find a counsellor that you feel comfortable with to talk about your symptoms and experiences of anxiety. We encourage you to make a booking so we can provide you with the tools to manage anxiety and prevent it impacting on your life.