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  • Anger Management Brisbane

  • Anger is a normal and healthy human emotion which we all experience. However, it can become problematic if it isn’t managed properly – when we feel anger too intensely, or it leads to problematic outcomes like injury, loss of employment, or strained relationships.

    People often become angry and enraged as a defence mechanism when they feel they have been wronged. It can also be used to cover up other emotions such as fear, hurt, sadness or any other emotions that would make someone feel open and vulnerable if shown. For many, displaying anger or aggression is the only way to be taken seriously, be heard/seen or to end conflict.

    Through anger management interventions, we are able to provide individuals with the tools to be able to express themselves effectively without becoming aggressive.

    Some of the anger management tools that Bowen Hills Psychology can provide you with is the ability to explore and identify triggers, understanding how outbursts impact ourselves and others around us, along with techniques to manage it and how to deal with conflict in a healthier and more constructive manner.

    Our aim is to help you identify how anger impacts you, what triggers your anger and to equip you with tools to help manage anger and avoid it escalating to a level that impacts your career, relationships, mental health and your physical well-being.

    Seeking help for anger management issues is a courageous step forward and a sign of commitment towards self-improvement. By accepting the presence of anger, seeking help and communicating with a trained and experienced Brisbane counsellor, individuals have the opportunity to confide in someone where they would otherwise feel vulnerable in doing so.

    Our psychologists can help you build assertiveness skills, including how to manage your body language, tone of voice, and verbal communication to help express your views and opinions to others. We can help you to interpret the actions of others and their intentions towards us in a helpful manner, and how to tolerate feelings of frustration to stop anger escalating.

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    Those who have anger management issues can better equip themselves to experience more functional relationships whether it be personal, professional or interactions with strangers; and Bowen Hills Psychology are here to help on that journey.

    To speak with an anger management counsellor in Brisbane, call Bowen Hills Psychology on (07) 3252 7114.