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  • Addiction Counselling Brisbane

  • Drug or substance addiction can have a significant impact on both the individual's physical and mental health, and on loved one's.

    At Bowen Hills Psychology, it is our aim to provide a safe, warm, understanding and non-judgemental environment to help individuals discuss their addictions and help provide clients with tools and techniques to help overcome substance misuse.

    Substances have a number of effects on the brain. One of these effects is to flood the brain with the neurotransmitter dopamine, the ‘feel good’ hormone, which causes a ‘high’ and can be highly reinforcing and addictive.

    Likewise, people often find they need to take more and more of these substances to get the same effect, resulting in increased tolerance.

    Due to a heightened tolerance, other activities that once brought joy will seem less enjoyable such as food, sports, entertainment, relationships and so on. This can result in regular activities that were once considered enjoyable being abandoned and previously healthy relationships start to become strained.

    An individual is often diagnosed with an addiction when substances are still taken despite the impact on the person's functioning or relationships.

    At Bowen Hills Psychology, we can provide individuals with the support and tools that will aid them in overcoming their substance misuse.

    There is hope for the future. Contacting a highly trained and experienced counsellor is the first step on that road to recovery.

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    Our aim at Bowen Hills Psychology is to provide a warm, non-judgemental approach to treating substance addiction, providing a space where you can feel comfortable to discuss your substance use.

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