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  • Professional Development – Supervision

  • supervision and professional development

    Dr Jessica Brands, Helen Holdsworth, and Greta Neilsen are all registered supervisors who are highly invested in the training and continuing professional development of psychologists, counselors and other health professionals. Each supervisor brings a different set of professional experiences and therapeutic modalities to supervision, and can provide clinical supervision to psychologists, counselors and mental health professionals with a range of different skills and experience levels. 

  • Dr Jessica Brands

    Similar to her client work, Jessica takes a warm and supportive approach to supervision, matching her style to the developmental needs of the supervisee. Supervision can range from advice and teaching styles to a more collegial and explorative approach. Jessica offers a safe space for supervisees to explore their work without judgement (including issues of transference and countertranferance), and to empower them to continue their development as clinicians. Jessica also offers online supervision via Skype for those living outside of Brisbane.

    Jessica is a registered supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia (AHPRA) and provides supervision in the following areas:

    • 5+1 Internship principal / secondary supervisor
    • Higher degree placement supervisor
    • Working in addition to placements supervisor
    • Clinical Registrar program principal / secondary supervisor


  • Helen Holdsworth

    Helen is a Psychology Board-approved supervisor who is passionate about helping psychologists, in particular provisional and early-career psychologists navigate the area of psychological assessment and enhance their testing and report writing skills. She has experience conducting psychological assessments (and intervention) for children in schools, young people in out-of-home-care with complex trauma histories, adults with a disability, and families in research settings. Helen is also invested in helping students and provisional psychologists successfully complete their placements and internships. She can review AHPRA case reports or help prepare you for the National Psychology Exam.

    Helen can provide supervision to psychologists completing: 

    • 4+2 internship program
    • 5+1 internship program
    • placements during an accredited higher degree program 
    • working in addition to higher degree placements 
    • re-entry program after a period of not practicing
    • transitional program for overseas-qualified applicants 
  • Greta Neilsen

    Working from the premise that practitioner growth is a life-long process, Greta works to meet her supervisees at their current phase of development, to build confidence and skill at that phase; while at the same facilitating their progression to the next phase by identifying needed areas of growth for the future. Her goal is to build a supervision relationship that is warm, collaborative and interactive, where the supervisee feels comfortable exploring and developing all areas of their practice.

    Greta’s clinical practice focuses on working with clients with complex mental health conditions, especially trauma related conditions and complex depressive and anxious presentations. She uses an integrative approach to treatment using therapies including CBT, DBT, and Schema Therapy. She is experienced in assessment, diagnosis, report writing, treatment planning, treatment and building strong and successful client relationships.

    Greta is a registered supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia (AHPRA) and provides supervision in the following areas:

    • Clinical Registrar program principal / secondary supervisor
    • 5+1 Internship principal / secondary supervisor
    • Working in addition to placements supervisor
    • General peer supervision